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On the Couch Project

This series hopes to highlight that no matter our age, shape, occupation or anything else which promotes separation, we can come together and celebrate humanity and unity. Letting personalities shine rather than the masks or facades we project, my hope is to promote love and unity.

My On the Couch project started out as a simple idea to capture and share pictorial stories from everybody who sits on the sofa. The idea came to me after I was moving furniture around one day in the living room, and came across, by accident (or not), the current setting, shining in the morning sun. It was as if a lightbulb moment switched on in my head.

As the sessions unfolded, I saw the deeper connection as to 'why' the project was important to do - to unify society. 


After the challenges of the past few years, including the sad sentiments of judgement and hatred, I felt there needed to be a reunion of "us", of community, of the people of the world. I wanted to reconnect with humans just being human, without having to worry about whether we're all on the same page or not. There felt a need, deep in my heart, to heal rifts and splits in humanity and bring some warmth, lightness and soul back to this planet.


To increase the idea of us all being unified and "one", I asked everyone who came to sit on the couch to be dressed in either neutrals, or black, and white, because we often hide behind clothing as either a mask or to declare who we are - showcasing our personalities but also our differences. 

I wanted people to shed their outer personas so I could dig a little deeper and find the truth, beauty and heart of people. I wanted to listen to their stories while inviting them to relax "as you would at home" on the couch. Most of all, I wanted people to let down their guard and reveal something intimate about themselves.

This process unveiled radiating shining starry beautiful beings without status, age, gender, politics, or religion. Just people connecting through warmth, humility, love and most of all, heart. 


What I learned as a photographer is that at the core of humanity there is a desire to connect, to be wanted, to be involved, to be validated, seen, heard, and ultimately, loved. No matter who we are, or where we're at in life, underneath our facades and fears we all bleed the same. And we are all intrinsically beautiful.

I asked each person to spontaneously think about words to describe themselves which you'll see listed on their project sheets. I loved the positivity they voiced.

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