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  • Kay Gibbons-Buckwell

The Simple Life: A Way to Live

How lovely to just sit and ponder, be still, and let technology go for a moment. That is the premise behind A Way to Live. For a world that has gone coco-bananas for technology, I think simplicity, peace, and harmony are the antidotes.

This blog is a tribute to paring back those things which can overstimulate, so that we may embrace a gentler way of existing and find peace.

Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home, reminds us to socialise around a dining table instead of across social media. "Breaking bread" is one way to reconnect. Cooking itself is a way to keep us present in a meditative, mindful way.

Expressing love comes in all forms - sometimes it's gift-giving, being of service to others, or sharing quality time. Having a space which invites us to communicate our stories is a simple way to show love and respect.

Creating a sanctuary for ourselves - a sensory-overload-free zone - to just chill and be free is equally important for our wellbeing. We all need downtime to recoup, relax, and generate new ideas.

The above moments offer simple reminders to return to the nourishment of the heart, the stillness of a sanctuary, to connect through conversation and food, and find a more meaningful existence in the everyday.

It's a beautiful simple way to live.


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