• Kay Gibbons-Buckwell

The Mindfulness of Photography

When the pandemic struck Australia last year, I temporarily lost my job but re-ignited a long-buried passion - photography. Joining global groups of photographers, the world became small, and lockdown manageable. Inspired by wow-factor images in these groups and on other social-media platforms, my imagination exploded into possibilities of what ifs. What if I could do what I was seeing other photographers do? And thus began a soulful and healing journey as I consciously began to really notice and explore the world around me.

Being confined to the house and immediate surrounds through lockdown, I found myself observing the smallest details which make up our lives - how the light danced on a leaf at sunset, how a rain droplet mimicked mercury when on a mirror, how the silhouette of birds high on a wire formed captivating shapes.

These small moments provided me with immeasurable delight and became a daily highlight in an otherwise "ground hog" day. They also allowed me to practise my craft and hone my skillset.

After a while, it became almost ritualistic and quite meditative to grab my camera, sit in the yard, and just see what presented itself. It also taught me to enjoy the curves and lines of nature, the changing colours, respect the weather, times of day, and the flow of time.

The months whizzed by as I became happily lost in this world of colour, light and details. My gratitude for life became concretised through nature's moments, her gifts always on display.

I've learnt that through the lens of a camera, you can find a greater respect for what happens around you because it magnifies your focus, builds patience, encourages experimentation, and teaches, above all, how to love every detail, every moment, of what is presented to you.

So, in a weird way, I am thankful for the time-out last year presented, as it taught me the simplicity of life. All photos here were taken during lockdown from and in my front yard.

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