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A Photographer's House
  • Kay Gibbons-Buckwell

In the Still of Life

Never in a million years would I have imagined myself photographing still life. Yet here I am relishing the opportunity. It's teaching me to become more observant, more mindful, and more appreciative of the interaction of shapes, colour and lines. Still life has helped me to redefine parameters surrounding beauty and balance.

I realised that still life isn't about photographing (or painting!) a pretty scene. It's a chance to pare back life, stay mindful, observe the nuances of the subject close up, and most importantly, it gives us an opportunity to breathe, literally be still, to find our balance and just be. So in that sense, we can use still life as a metaphor and a reminder to find our centre, earth ourselves to the here and now, and create a Zen moment.

Not only that, but photographing still life also provides us with a connection to the past, our past memories and our passed-over loved ones through featuring items which were once loved by my parents or grandparents. For me it's about preserving memories and keeping the bridge open between mortality and immortality.

The following images are all from the same session as above. Playful Zen moments involving fruit, my dining table, and some vintage items. I hope you feel the serenity and the quirkiness of them. My still life is not to be taken seriously but with a sense of lightness and warmth.


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