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Travel ideas, gravel rides, and downtime inspo to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul, against the backdrop of my feelgood photography and Rick's cycling expertise.

This blog is a culmination of our adventures and offers something for all kinds of travellers whether you're in search of quiet repose, soulful connections in nature, adventure, good coffee in quaint country towns, or cycling hinterland gravel grinds. If you're an armchair traveller, I hope you enjoy our stories and photography. If you're a fellow lover of getting out amongst it, then I hope these stories feed your inspiration to get on your bike and ride, or pick up your camera and travel! 

If you'd like us to visit your area and write/photograph cycling ops and things to see and do, please get in touch.

We'd love to collaborate - anything to promote a happy feelgood lifestyle and travel.

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