Feelgood Adventures

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To wander down a country lane, to ride endless rail trails, to breathe in magical experiences in amazing landscapes, this is what I, along with my husband, Rick, live to do. We make a great team.

While he cycles the tracks and trails of our land, I meander the streets and lanes of quaint country towns, breathing in and recording the cultural heritage of Australia. 

It feels so good to get out amongst nature and experience this land as much as possible during our downtime.


We want to inspire you to get out amongst it, too, and hope that our tales of trails, art, food, and wildlife, supply you with a feast for the senses - enough for you to want to pack the car, strap on the bike, and head off on a feelgood adventure too!

Travel Gravel Unravel

Travel companions don't always want or need to experience the same thing while on holidays.


In fact, "downtime" can mean something entirely different for each of us. For one person it might be about chasing adrenalin rushes and loads of exercise, while for another it may mean quiet strolls through art galleries, hot chocolates in a quaint cafés, and taking photographs.

My hubby and I are like this. I'm all about "unravelling" - unwinding via a gentle immersion in arts, nature, and food. Rick's all about "gravelling" - getting on his bike, feeling the wind on his face, and exploring out-of-the-way back blocks. Lucky for us, we completely agree that travelling supplies us with the much-needed sustenance for our minds, bodies, and souls to feel rejuvenated.

We thought that there may be other couples out there who don't always match up with what an ideal holiday is, but that doesn't mean you can't both get exactly what you want! We've put together a bunch of tips about the trips we take, including ideas for the active adventurer, and towns to explore for the meandering wanderer. 


Our pact is that whatever we do with our downtime, it must make us feel good.


The tiniest of adventures - no matter how close to home is often the exact thing required to change a perspective, reset the navigating system of life, and restore the heart. 

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Follow our adventures on the Blog page.

Here you'll find inspo for long-weekend getaways, week-long holidays, day trips, and overnighters.


While we are currently based in Geelong and the majority of our adventures are about traversing the state of Victoria, we'll also be adding a few past and future interstate trips.

Happy travels!

PS: If you would like us to travel to your neck of the woods to photograph and write about what's great about your neighbourhood, we are always up for a collab or barter, so please get in touch. Anything which promotes a wellness lifestyle is a great thing! 

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