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Why Colour?

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The Psychology Behind
Colour-Filled Travel & Photography

Imagine a world without colour.

It would be a sad, bland, place.

Have you ever thought about why colour is so important to us? Why we need it for our wellbeing? We tend to take colour for granted. It's always been there as it's an inbuilt integral part of our lives, but how much do we really take note of how we feel when we're around certain colours? 

Research over the past thirty years has shown that certain colours can relax us, repel us, make us buy products, open up conversations, give us a restless night’s sleep, and even increase appetite. Neuroscientists and biophilia architects (integrating nature into design) have proven that using certain colours in our surroundings can have a positive outcome.


Orange is the colour of joy. Yellow and blue promote communication. Red increases appetite, gets our hearts pumping and is our life force.  Greens rest our eyes, blues are calming and bring our heart rates down, pastel pinks inspire gentle love, and purple is often considered regal or spiritual. 

The colours of summer lift our hearts after the greys of winter. Autumn leaves are always a favoured photographic subject as are blue skies, aqua seas, sunsets and sunrises. We love these for good reason.

The more we bring the stunning colour palettes of nature, times of day, and seasons into our towns and urban spaces, the more we respond positively. Colour is an energy and each colour has a different wavelength. The energies permeate our eyes, auras (personal energy fields), and skin directly affecting us. How we perceive that colour is an intricate dance within each individual's brains and can determine our behaviour.

To wander down a green country lane, to ride along rusty red rail trails, to breathe in vistas of wide blue seas, and to seek out playful colour-filled urban landscapes, all of this counts towards our overall happiness and therefore is an integral part of our wellbeing.

Within that context, Kay (along with her husband Rick) are motivated to raise awareness of the benefits of colour, as well as the wellness and healing of travel. When we step away from the everyday cycles of life, often a fresh perspective presents itself, and along with it, a solution to our problems. So, combining travel and colour within photography seems an obvious fit for keeping the good vibes going. The world needs this, now more than ever. 

I take photographs of colour as a reminder of its usefulness to create change in our mental and emotional states. Whether we go for a walk and notice the colour around us, take our own photos, create a painterly masterpiece, change the sheets on our beds, or hang pictures on our walls, all of these simple acts have the capacity to heal us, and therefore, bit by bit, turn the world into a more positive place. And that's a good reason to seek out colour.


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