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All About Kay

About Kay

Born and raised in the southern region of Australia, among the saltpans, snakes, boatsheds, and tussocks, of Avalon Beach, Lara, Kay was taught at a young age to respect nature and observe the moods and colours of land, sea, and weather.


During secondary school she took up photography and vowed that one day she'd be a professional photographer. Life had other ideas, however, and a career as a professional singer-songwriter ensued.

Expressing herself not just as a performing artist but also as a visual creator, Kay exhibited her bright paintings at local galleries, including her own, during the late 90s.


Over the last thirty years, Kay has formally studied black-and-white analogue photography, digital photography, architecture, wedding, and portrait photography, digital editing techniques, professional writing and editing, and interior design. Informally she has studied colour psychology and esoteric teachings.


Presently, not only has she finally found her creative "voice", but also her "why". As humanity craves for joy and upliftment, Kay's mission is to inspire people to emerge from the challenging times of the past few years and see, feel, and immerse themselves into the healing colours of the world. 




"In a very focused way (pun intended) I've learnt so much about living in the moment, being in awe of the tiniest details, slowing down, and falling in love with the world over and over again through the lens of my camera. Photography sharpens my gratitude, keeps me mindful, and reminds me to add to the happiness of the world, not subtract from it. If people consider my images to be without meaning, then they have overlooked mankind's need to feel joy. Colour is a prerequisite for wellbeing."

Published Media

Australian Photography Magazine published both in print and online, (Feb-March 2023 edition) my image called Blurred Lines for their Best Shot theme: Speed

blurred lines

Frames Magazine published online the image below which represents my earliest foray into black and white photography at aged 15.

"Breakdown #1" Click here to read about the image of my mother, below, which I took when I was 15 for a school project.

Mum 1.jpg

Frames Magazine App published: The Reading Corner


Life doesn't come packed neatly into squares. Or any shape for that matter. But the square format is a muse for the majority of Kay's work. Many years prior to her recent work she had the idea of creating collages - squares digitally sewn together - of her travels. Fast forward ten or more years and the square idea has taken hold as a creative foundation.

It's hip to be square. 

framed colour 15.jpg
framed colour 21.jpg
framed colour 1.jpg
framed colour 10.jpg
framed colour 22.jpg
framed colour 12.jpg
framed colour 8.jpg
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