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Round About

A country girl at heart, Kay's mission is to remind you to get out under the big blue sky, traverse the mountain trails, get sprayed by sea salt, ride a gravel track, drive down a country lane, celebrate our bountiful wildlife and above all, be an active part of life. 

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Born and raised in the southern region of Victoria, Australia, amongst saltpans, boatsheds, and tussocks, at Avalon, near Lara, Kay learned to value the casual  beauty of our Aussie way of life at an early age.


Through her work as a photographer, her hope is to remind you to slow down, get outside into nature, find the miraculous in a moment, and connect to the energy which encapsulates our everchanging countryside. 

Meandering through country towns will not only help out the economy in these wonderful out-of-the-way places, but also reintroduce you to an authenticity and heritage of perhaps a somewhat lost Australia.

Kay's husband, Rick, is a cyclist and loves exploring gravel roads, so while he's off discovering the tracks less travelled, Kay's breathing in the culture of quaint towns and documenting their history through her lens.

You're so welcome to join in their travels but even more importantly, pick up a camera, a bike, or a tent, and discover for yourself, what ignites your soul.

See you down an Aussie dusty track somewhere!