Feelgood Photography

A country girl at heart, my hope is to remind everyone to get out under the big blue sky, traverse the mountain trails, get sprayed by sea salt, ride a gravel track, catch a sunrise, and embrace all that this big ol' Universe has to offer.


Born and raised around Lara (southern region of Australia) amongst saltpans, snakes, boatsheds, and tussocks, I was taught at a young age to respect nature.


I took up photography in high school and vowed that one day I'd be a professional photographer. Life had other ideas, however, and I became a professional singer-songwriter instead.

Through the years I've revisited photography completing short courses on black and white and darkroom techniques, but when the pandemic struck, I completely immersed myself into the creative world of photography once more by completing half a dozen more short courses.


The flame for taking photographs burns brighter now than it ever has, but perhaps that's due to finally understanding WHY I love taking photos so much. And let's face it, without an understanding of "why", motivation gets lost.

My "why" is about connecting to, understanding, celebrating, and learning from this wonderful and sometimes challenging thing we called Life. In a very focused way (pun intended) I've learnt so much about living in the moment, being in awe of the tiniest details, slowing down, and falling in love with the world over and over again. In the simplest of terms, photography has sharpened my gratitude.

If being a singer/songwriter helped me release an internal storm, photographing this world has most definitely helped me calm the storm. For me, photography is restorative for mind, body and soul.

My images are the culmination of all of my loves - the casual Aussie lifestyle, a higher love, a deep respect for nature, and exploring the very heart of existence.


I hope my photography inspires all of us to live more mindfully, to be kind to each other, and especially be kind to Mother Nature. 

But above all, I hope it inspires you to feel good, do good, be good.

See you down a track somewhere!

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​"There are always observed moments which stop us in our tracks. It might be a rusty tin roof, a majestic view, or a shady country lane. Either way, these snippets of life are worth celebrating because they provide the magic."

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Life doesn't come packed neatly into squares. Or any shape for that matter. But I happen to feel the square format suits the majority of my photography. And so the love affair of equal-sided dimensions continues to beckon. I guess we all have our muses.


Black & White

I have equal affection for both colour, and black-&-white, photography. 


B/W images have the ability to strip away everything except for shapes, lines, tonality, and sometimes, in those bare bones, a stronger emotion often emerges.

Colour is the joy-bringer of the world. It lights up a dull space, bursts forth with confidence, warms the heart, calms the mind and gives the soul clarity. 

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