Travel Photography

You might say it's a calling.


As an artist, Kay has long championed the colours of this world in her bright paintings.


Through her love of interior design, Kay has also spent hours upon hours, informally studying the properties of colour and their psychological  impact on human behaviour.


But when she swings a camera around her neck, Kay becomes a huntress, searching out unique, exquisite moments of chromatic joy.

The love of travel has taken Kay almost all the way around her home country of Australia plus also to parts of Europe and Asia.


The combination of all the above is weaved into a mindful and intentional celebration of colour, producing travel photography - with a twist.


All About Kay

Born and raised around Lara (southern region of Australia) amongst saltpans, snakes, boatsheds, and tussocks, Kay was taught at a young age to respect nature and admire the changing seasons.


In high school she took up photography and vowed that one day she'd be a professional photographer. Life had other ideas, however, and a career as a professional singer-songwriter ensued.

Through the years Kay has often revisited photography completing short courses in black-and-white analogue film & darkroom techniques; architecture, wedding and portrait photography; and refresher courses in DSLR techniques.


The flame for taking photographs burns brighter now than it ever has. Not only has she finally found her "voice", but Kay fully comprehends humanity's craving for joy and therefore her responsibility in producing uplifting images.

Kay explains in her own words. 


"In a very focused way (pun intended) I've learnt so much about living in the moment, being in awe of the tiniest details, slowing down, and falling in love with the world over and over again. In the simplest of terms, photography sharpens my gratitude, keeps me mindful, and reminds me to help others by adding to the joy of this world, not subtract from it. If people consider my images to be trite and without meaning, then they don't understand the deepest desire of mankind to be happy. Colour is medicine too. So is armchair travel for the thousands who can't leave their homes for whatever reason. There is a real purpose behind my work. And in that sense, my work becomes healing."

Published Media

The work below has been published online and in their app. They both represent my previous foray into black and white photography.

Frames Magazine Online: "Breakdown #1" Click here to read about the image of my mother, below, which I took when I was 15 for a school project.

Mum 1.jpg

Frames Magazine App: The Reading Corner


Life doesn't come packed neatly into squares. Or any shape for that matter. But the square format is a muse for the majority of Kay's work. Many years prior to her recent work she had the idea of creating collages - squares digitally sewn together - of her travels. Fast forward ten or more years and the square idea has taken hold as a creative foundation.

It's hip to be square. 

wind toy

Windmill toy, Ararat, VIC


Eatery, Brisbane, QLD

Up, Coolangatta, QLD


Retro sign, Yass, NSW

Summer feels, Cabarita Beach, NSW

Mid-century, Tweed Heads, NSW