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All About Kay

A photograph has the capacity to ignite the imagination, leave us awestruck, move us to tears, and motivate us to act. But more than that, photographs record and document our lives and times. 

My heartfelt mission is to bring Australia's cultural and natural heritage into the spotlight and showcase this amazing continent.

Just as the poet, Dorothea Mackellar, once expressed her love for a "sunburnt country", so, too, do I express my love for the same "wide brown land". The only difference is, I tell visual stories using my Nikon camera. Make no bones about it, what I see and feel through my lens and create in monochrome or colour, is no less poetic than any writer has ever penned.

When you look at my images, I hope you feel the wind in your hair, the colours of a sunrise pouring over you like paint. I hope you delight in the curve of a bird's wing, or maybe even cry over man's attempt to dominate nature.

Most of all, however you see my photos, I'd love you to celebrate life - our great Aussie way of life.

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Artist Statement

Born and raised near Geelong amongst saltpans, boatsheds, and tussocks, I learned to value the casual and raw beauty of an Aussie way of life. My simple desire to highlight Australia's cultural and natural heritage is the motivation behind my work.

From the earliest of days, a strong desire for artistic expression pushed me from rural living into cities where I explored both performing and visual artistic mediums professionally, including music, painting, writing, and photography.

I studied analogue film techniques at high school in the 80s and then again at the CAE in Melbourne in the 90s, but it wasn’t until I took a refresher course in Digital Mastery & Editing, 2020, under the guidance of Canadian photographer, Mark Hemmings, that my passion for photography exponentially reignited.



  • 1983: Year 12 Top Arts Photography Student Award, exhibited at the NGV, Melbourne.

  • 2021: The Australasian Mono Awards, Commended

  • 2021: Australasia's Emerging Photographers Portrait Award, Commended


  • 1983: Year 12 Art Majoring in Photography

  • 1991: Black & White Analogue (Film) Photography, CAE

  • 1984, '99, '08: Retail & Small Business Development

  • 1998: Professional Writing & Editing, Gordon TAFE

  • 2009: Professional Interior Design, Interior Design Academy

  • 2020: Digital Camera & Lightroom Editing Mastery with Mark Hemmings


The Mono Awards 2020: "Commended"

Suburbia in a Raindrop

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Australasia's Emerging Photographers 2021 - Portrait "Commended"

"Movie Star" homage to the headshots of the 60s & 70s.

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